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4 Things to Know About ProctorU

UL Online -- Mon, 01/28/2019 - 11:01am

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Spring 2019 semester is underway and by now you should be aware of whether your course will require proctored exams and which service you’ll be asked to use.Proctored exams through ProctorU or Examity require a clear work space.

If your instructor requires you to utilize ProctorU, these are the things you need to know:

ProctorU Cost

Proctored exam fees vary depending on the level of authentication and proctoring options your instructor chooses. Confirm with your instructor the number of proctored exams in the course and the estimated cost associated with these exams.

Exam fees generally range from $15 to $30, depending on the length of the exam. Students who wait until the last minute to reserve their exam time will be assessed an additional late fee, $5 per exam hour (72 hours to 24 hours ahead of appointment) or $8.75 per exam hour (less than 24 hours ahead of appointment).

Registration Before the Exam

ProctorU is integrated with our Moodle and your account is generated automatically when you click the ProctorU link provided by your instructor in Moodle. Always use this link in Moodle to access ProctorU.

For compatibility, you must use either Chrome or Firefox browsers. You will also need to download and enable the ProctorU browser extension (available for Chrome or Firefox) to take any exams.

You will also want to run a system check to test the functionality of all technical components required for the proctored exam: webcam, microphone, internet connectivity, and lighting. Always use a wired internet connection for proctored exams. Wifi or mobile hotspots are not sufficient. (Note: Flash is no longer required for proctoring.)

Once you’re ready to log in to take your exam, make sure you have your ID ready to confirm your identity.

Proctor Experience

Yes, they saw that.

ProctorU logo. ProctorU Live-plus uses both a live proctor and artificial intellegence. ProctorU uses both live proctors and artificial intelligence to watch for changes in the environment and reports back to instructors.

The platform will note if users attempt to navigate away from the exam page, open an additional browser window, or attempt to copy and paste from or into the exam. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence program can pick up if a user looks away or there’s someone whispering off-screen.

Submitting Your Exam

To ensure academic integrity, the proctor must be able to record that you’ve submitted your exam and logged out of Moodle.

Do not log out of ProctorU or close your test taker window until this process is complete.

If you encounter any issues with the proctoring process whether using ProctorU or another service, please inform your instructor immediately. For more support and information on how ProctorU works, visit the Student Resource Center