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Alumni Q&A: Saja El-Sayed, MBA in Health Care Administration

UL Online -- Fri, 01/13/2023 - 10:56am

In 2022, Saja El-Sayed, of Toronto, Canada, earned an MBA in Health Care Administration online through UL Lafayette's B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration. El-Sayed says her decision allowed her to gain expertise in data analysis, reviewing budgets, and developing processes to improve patient care safety, while developing her leadership style as a health care administrator. Earning her degree also allowed El-Sayed to learn more about herself. Saja El-Sayed, UL Lafayette MBA in Health Care Administration alumna

"Graduating with a MBA-HCA is one of my greatest achievements, which I am very proud of. This achievement was something that I always wanted to do, and having the opportunity to have completed it while working full time and during the pandemic proved to me that I can do anything I set my mind to."

What made an MBA in Health Care Administration the right choice for you?  

My desire for career progression was one of the main reasons I chose to complete my MBA. An MBA boosts competitiveness and credibility in the job market. It also serves as a channel for growth for many people, and allows an individual to have greater responsibility and remuneration. These were some of my motivators that made an MBA the right choice for me.

Why did you choose UL Lafayette?

When searching for an MBA program I was looking for three main things that UL Lafayette offered:

  • A flexible delivery/mode of study.
  • Have an AACSB accreditation — a worldwide and the longest-standing, most recognized form of specialized accreditation that an institution and its business programs can earn.
  • Opportunity for concentration programs, specifically health care administration.

How have you applied your coursework as a health care administrator?

I currently work at a large hospital, which has allowed me to put into practice many things I learned from the program. From data analysis, to reviewing budgets, to developing processes that improve overall care and patient safety, earning my master's degree has helped me attain specialized knowledge in the health care industry and has allowed me to advance in my career. It has also allowed me the opportunity to learn the details of management and leadership and shaped the way I lead today.     

How did you balance coursework with your professional and personal responsibilites?  

Although it was challenging at times, having the opportunity to complete my MBA fully online made it a lot easier while working full time. The ability to get ahead in some classes by working through multiple modules at a time also was a plus. It’s important to build time management skills and have a schedule. Once you have a plan in place, balancing the coursework along with a professional and personal life becomes much more manageable.

What are your career goals and/or plans? 

I have worked with many great leaders these past couple of years and so developing into a respected leader is something I aspire to do. I will be looking for opportunities to expand my responsibilities within the healthcare industry and work towards building new experiences.

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