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Fighting Stress

cody bourque -- Tue, 10/06/2015 - 12:30pm


As a college student, a consistent daily routine is not something that we know all too well. From first hand experience, I truly know how hard it is to develop a routine and stick to it. You may be thinking “what's so important about having a routine as long as I’m getting everything done?” I’ll tell you why. Developing a routine ties in the motions of our day into what we are thinking. When you’re taking an online class, a routine can be one of the biggest keys to success. Because you don’t go to a physical classroom, it can be easy to forget about your online course and its assignments amongst everything else going on in your life. If you can develop a routine where checking up on your online assignments is a part of your day, you will find yourself rarely forgetting to do any homework or turning in anything late. As a first time online student, developing a routine has helped me dramatically within just a few weeks. It’s actually helped me with all of my classes. With a routine, our online courses become a part of our day. Developing a routine keeps us on track and focused.
I’m a senior now, and throughout my whole college career, I also worked full time to support myself. After maintaining a 3.0 GPA, I finally decided that I’d spend my final summer off saving money. Saving money all summer allowed me to cut down my hours working during my last semester. Now, I know this isn’t an option that everyone could use because some of us need that money due to whatever is going on in our lives, but cutting back about 20-25 hours a week at work helped me. It helped me have more leniency with my schedule. Before, I would leave school and go straight to work, working until late at night. This only gave me a short amount of time to actually focus on homework and have a breather before going to bed. The lifestyle I was living was building stress, more and more, everyday.

Cutting back my time at work, first of all, gave me the opportunity to schedule classes a little later in the morning so I could wake up later and sleep later. Now, what college student doesn’t like the sound of that?! Second of all, it gave me time in between classes and work. I’m no longer in a constant rush to be somewhere. Third, I have a whole extra day off and more time to do some stress relieving activities like work out. With this added time, I have the ability to plan out how I’m going to use my extra time each day and spend it on schoolwork and relaxation.

Now, I know some students just don’t have the ability to take time away from work. Some students have to work full-time jobs and online courses are the only courses that fit into their schedule. De-stressing yourself is important regardless of any lifestyle. Using online courses to your advantage while working a full-time job is something that must be utilized. The only schedule that is set in stone is your work schedule. With online course, students can do homework, learn concepts, and study at their own leisure rather than worrying about being on campus at a certain time. Utilizing the flexibility of online courses is key to de-stress yourself and take some of that weight of your shoulders. I wish I would have known how flexible and easy online course were when I was working full-time. Online courses would have truly helped with the stress I felt.

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