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Your Perfect Study Environment

cody bourque -- Tue, 10/27/2015 - 11:15am

Continuing with the theme of study habits, I’ve heard from many people and they’ve all had different ideas of “their perfect study environment”. It seems that these environments are different for different people. For example, I enjoy to be in an area where I can have music on. Whether it's on headphones or speakers, I just need music. In my previous blog, I spoke about the music I like to study with. Many people have told me that they need absolute silence to be able to study. There are actually many other qualities of your environment that affect how you handle schoolwork. Different elements can either create positive or negative results.

I know I study best when I’ve got my music on, sitting somewhere comfortable. I don’t know how some people can sit at an uncomfortable wooden chair and table in the library and get things done. I become frustrated and it usually ends up causing me to fail at studying. That may work for some students, but not for me. I can’t have any sort of visual distractions like a television playing a tv show or movie. I also can’t study with other people around me who would interrupt me. The only person that I know I can study or do homework around is my girlfriend, Andie, only because she knows that when I am in the zone, I cannot be disturbed or else I will lose my train of thought. It’s just what I need when I’m studying. We all have our weird study habits, but I do believe that there some things that are just produce negative results for everyone when one is trying to create the perfect study environment.

There are some things that affect our study environment and we don’t even realize it. When it comes to online courses, you need that perfect environment to be able to go to when it’s crunch time. I stumbled across The Study Environment Analyzer that was created by Virginia Tech. The program takes some elements that we don’t often think about when studying and tells us if it is an efficient study environment.

Analyze your study environment here!