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Types of eCourses

Hybrid (50 to 99%)

Hybrid courses are delivered at least 50% online, with the remainder of course meetings delivered face to face. Hybrid courses bring students together only where/when needed, allowing them to engage in asynchronous (anytime / anywhere) learning otherwise. Hybrid instructors typically have a substantial portion of the content and learner engagement delivered online using discussion forums and other electronic collaboration formats to engage students with the content, other students, and the instructor.

Online (100%)

An online course has most or all of the content and learner engagement delivered online. Typically, online instructors have no face-to-face meetings. An appropriate variety of media, Internet technologies and collaboration tools, and instructional strategies are used in a systematic design to facilitate student achievement of learning outcomes.

Online and hybrid courses may require proctored or in-person exams.  Make sure to check the course notes and syllabus for the instructor's expectations.