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Curriculum & Duration

You can earn your Master’s of Science in Computer Science online faster than on-campus students with our accelerated courses.

With accelerated eight-week terms, you’ll be able to complete a coursework track with 33 semester hours of graduate coursework.


As an online master’s in computer science applicant, it is expected that you will have already completed the prerequisite requirements. If you do not meet these admission requirements, contact the graduate coordinator to explore options for doing so before you apply.

The core prerequisite courses are not available as online courses at this time.

The computer science prerequisites are, at minimum:

  • Software design and data structures (CMPS 405 or 260-261)
  • Assembly language programming (CMPS 351)
  • Discrete mathematics and logic design (CMPS 341)

The mathematics prerequisites are, at minimum:

  • Two courses in college-level differential and integral calculus (e.g., MATH 270, 301)

One course in applied statistics and probability (e.g., STAT 427) is also recommended.

In addition, the following computer science courses may be required:

  • CMPS 430G or CSCE 530
  • CMPS 450G or CSCE 550
  • CMPS 455G or CSCE 555
  • CMPS 460G or CSCE 561 or CSCE 566

Core Curriculum

  • CSCE 500 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 Credit(s).
  • 18 hours of additional 500-level lecture CSCE courses (NOTE: 500-level lecture classes include all 500-level classes listed in the catalog with the exception of CSCE 500, CSCE 590, CSCE 591, CSCE 595, and CSCE 599.)
  • 12 hours of elective CSCE courses (excludes CSCE 590, CSCE 599, and CSCE 699). May include 6 hours of 400G-level CMPS foundation courses.