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Transferring Universities

You meet the transfer admission requirements. Now what?

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette accepts credits from other regionally accredited community colleges and universities. Courses from these institutions will transfer and become part of your permanent transcript (used to calculate your total hours attempted, total hours earned, and your cumulative GPA). Credits from career, vocational, or trade schools are not accepted. UL Lafayette also does not award competency-based credits (credits for work or life experiences.) 

Transcripts for online degree programs are evaluated after you apply and are accepted to the university during your first semester at UL Lafayette. Your advisor will work with you to determine the best way to apply your credits and help you to plan your future at UL Lafayette.  

Ways that you can receive credit in your degree plan are:

  • Direct equivalency to a course in your degree plan. BIOL 1021 at XYZ College = BIO 121 at UL Lafayette. Course equivalencies are determined using course numbers and course descriptions from your official transcripts from other universities and colleges.
  • If the courses that you have taken at other institutions do not fit into your curriculum, they may qualify for electives in your degree plan.  (You won’t be able to substitute an engineering course for an arts elective, but you may be able to apply a psychology course to a behavioral science elective requirement).

Not all transfer courses will apply to your major. For example, if you were a visual arts major and have 30 credit hours of visual arts courses that you would like to transfer into the Health Services Administration online degree program, chances are, after your 3 credits for arts electives are satisfied, the remaining credits would not apply toward this degree plan. You won’t “lose” your credits. They’ll still be calculated in your GPA, but they won’t apply toward earning your degree. 

The maximum number of transferable credit hours that you can apply toward a degree at UL Lafayette is 60 credit hours.