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Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates are short degree programs — typically 12-18 credit hours — created to meet the supplemental needs of graduates or professionals.

With an online Graduate Certificate, you can build the knowledge and develop the skills you need for career advancement in as little as one semester. 

An online certificate program may be right for you if:

  • You want to build skills in a specific area that was not covered in your undergraduate curriculum. Some examples include professional writing skills to supplement your computer science knowledge or business administration skills to advance your career in psychology to the practice management level.
  • You need a flexible path toward additional professional development opportunities for career advancement. 
  • You are interested in a master’s program and would like to earn a specialized credential along the way. Some graduate certificate programs are composed of coursework that can be applied toward a master's degree.
  • You are not sure whether you’re ready to make a commitment to a master’s program, but want to get your feet wet with advanced studies.
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers three online graduate certificate programs:

Successful completion of the program coursework and certificate application will lead to a graduate certificate on the student's official academic transcript. Students will also receive a printed certificate for display.