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MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship

MBA online - $12,800

The B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship degree will do more than teach you business concepts and practices. It can help you test your ideas in a safe environment, build a strong professional network and gain the confidence to make your business a lasting success.

Through this AACSB-accredited MBA program online, you will:

  • Study entrepreneurial behaviors and innovations in both small and large organizations, with an emphasis on planning, leading, organizing and controlling using entrepreneurial techniques. 
  • Learn to perform demand analysis, develop a business plan and source capital.
  • Learn to negotiate relationships with business partners, suppliers and customers. 
  • Analyze key legal aspects related to starting and growing a small business, including types of business entities, protection of intellectual property and basic debtor-creditor law. 
  • Deepen your knowledge of analytics, financial management, marketing and economics.

Total tuition for this 33-credit-hour MBA program online program is $12,800, or $387.88 per credit.. All courses use no-cost educational resources. Students can take advantage of the University’s payment plan and those who qualify can use financial aid.