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Student Spotlight

Danielle Babineaux is an online student in the 100% online Graduate Certificate in Instructional Coaching program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. See what she has to say about the Instructional Coach program:

"I accepted a position in my local school district as an instructional coach and although I have a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, the challenges of supporting adult learners led me to further study this new role and seek certification in this area.

Even night classes could not accommodate my busy schedule of working fulltime as an educator and the responsibilities at home as a mother and wife.  I needed a program that would allow learning in the early morning hours, late evenings, or weekends when my schedule permitted uninterrupted time.

One might think online courses would be similar to independent study with little collaboration, yet this program has provided many opportunities for networking, teamwork, and sharing of ideas and resources.  With today’s advanced technology, instructors shared video presentations explaining content and detailing requirements of assignments.  This gave the feel of a live class from the comforts of my own space. Lesson pacing was designed so that work could be done any day of the week convenient for the student.  Links were provided to updated sources and research topics as well as forums for students to share reflections and offer feedback.

I have not completed all coursework in this program, but I am already reaping the benefits of the online courses.  In addition to the understanding and enhancement it has provided to my work, it has helped reshape my own thinking about communicating online and offering nontraditional ways of learning for others.  I look forward to continuing my education and taking more online courses with UL Lafayette."

Danielle will earn her certificate from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the Fall of 2015.