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Career Opportunities

A career as an Instructional Specialist or Instructional Coach can be incredibly rewarding.  As an instructional leader, you will improve learning opportunities thorough leadership and your work has the potential to have far-reaching impact.  Instructional supervisors become decision makers, consultants, and specialists that advise administrators, teachers and other professional personnel in the planning and implementation of educational programs. An instructional specialist or coach may:

  • Direct the planning, development, field-testing, and evaluation of curricula;
  • Manage the textbook adoption process;
  • Direct the publication and provision of division-wide instructional-related staff development;
  • Supervise development of instructional guidelines, policies, regulations, and official notices;
  • Interpret statutes and regulations for staff and community;
  • Manage the preparation of office budget requests and monitors expenditures.

Job titles may include:  Instructional Coach, Instructional Specialist, Curriculum Instructional Specialist, Content Coach, Lead Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, Department Chair, Peer Evaluator, Induction Specialist, etc.