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Curriculum & Duration

This hybrid Master of Education program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals. You can begin the Master of Education in Educational Leadership program and complete the coursework in 24 months!

Unlike most master's programs, you will only be attending class once a week in the evening. You will take two courses each term and alternate weeks with face-to-face and online meetings. 

Students are admitted into cohorts that begin a two-year program in the fall of each year.

Students enroll in six hours of course credit each fall, spring, and summer for a total duration of 36 hours.

The curriculum includes:

EDLD 500 - Vision, Leadership and School Culture 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 501 - Using Data to Effect Change 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 502 - Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical Issues 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 504 - Using Research to Lead Change 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 505 - Curriculum for Education Leaders 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 506 - Assessment and Instruction for Educational Leaders 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 507 - Internship 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 508 - Systems Alignment 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 509 - Change, Transition, and Evaluation 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 510 - Organizing the Learning Environment 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 511 - Community Engagement 3 Credit(s).
EDLD 512 - Capstone Internship 3 Credit(s).