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The admission requirements in accordance with Undergraduate Admissions and University College are:

Minimum 45 Earned Credit hours, AND Minimum GPA requirements (cumulative):

  •      1.5 Re-entry (former) UL Lafayette student
  •      2.25 Transfer student

You can apply for this and all of UL Lafayette’s online degree programs in only a few minutes online.

Admission requirements and procedures vary based on whether you’re a first-time freshman, transfer student, or re-entry student.

If you’ve never been to college or have fewer than 24 hours of earned credit, you’re a first-time freshman. If you were previously enrolled at UL Lafayette and wish to enroll in classes after an absence of at least one semester, you are a re-entry student and must complete an application for readmission.

If you are a student at another university and have earned more than 45 credit hours, you can apply to complete your general studies degree online, regardless of your previous major.

For application deadlines, requirements, and materials, review our Application page

Because courses in this program will only be available online, the program may not be available to all applicants. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and its online programs must be in compliance in every state where a student is located. (Visit the Undergraduate Admissions page to learn more.) International students also may not be eligible. According to U.S. immigration regulations, F-1 students cannot pursue online degrees; international students in other visa categories (i.e., H-4, L2) are exempt from this restriction.