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Curriculum & Duration

Set your pace to complete your degree with accelerated, 8-week course options, and enroll part-time or full-time based on your schedule and ability. 

The duration of your degree coursework will vary based on previously earned college credits and the number of credit hours you complete each semester. You must complete 120 hours to earn your degree.

You'll have access to the full catalog of online courses from which to build your curriculum, depending on individual course pre-requisites/co-requisites you meet and the stage of your academic career.

Regardless of which degree path you choose, each concentration will help you learn problem solving, leadership, and knowledge you can apply in the workforce as well as daily life. 

Core requirements:

  • English: 12 credit hours
    • 3 credits must be Literature.
    • 3 credits must be CMCN, Writing, or Acting.
  • History: 3 credit hours
    • Choose any HIST except 490, or any PHIL.
  • Math: 6 credit hours
    • 3 credits must be above MATH 109.
    • 3 credits may be Statistics.
  • Science: 9 credit hours
  • Behavioral Science: 6 credit hours
    • 3 credits must be 200 level or higher.
  • Arts: 3 credit hours

Total Core Credits: 39

Review the University catalog for core course requirements. 

Concentrate your studies in:


Courses include:

ECON 340, ENGL 365, Dance, Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Moving Images Arts, Music, Organizational Leadership, Theatre, Visual Arts. 

Natural Science

Courses include:

ANTH 202, ANTH 430, ANTH 435, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, GEOG 104, Geology, Health Services Administration, HIST 384, Informatics, Mathematics, Organizational Leadership, Physics, Statistics, UNIV 200, or courses transferred from: Health Information Management, Louisiana Center for Health Informatics.

Behavioral Science

Courses include:

Anthropology, BIOL 303, BLAW 430, CAFS 243, CAFS 323, CAFS 440, Communicative Disorders, Communication, Criminal Justice, DSGN 362, ECON 201 or 300 (not both), ECON 202, ECON 409, ECON 413, ENGL 359, Geography, Health, HIST 325, HIST 363, HIST 367, HIST 384, HIST 395, Kinesiology (KNES not KNEA), MGMT 350, MGMT 365, MGMT 380, MKTG 355, MLSC 101, MLSC 301, MLSC 302, Organizational Leadership, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation, Sociology or courses transferred from: EDFL, EDCI, IRED, SPED or Library Science.

Applied Sciences

Courses include:

ANTH 460, BIOL 300, Child & Family Studies, Computer Science, DSGN 235, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Health, Health Services Administration, Industrial Design, Engineering Technology, Informatics, Interior Design, IPHE 200, Kinesiology (KNES not KNEA), Military Science, Organizational Leadership, Recreation, UNIV 200 or courses transferred from: Architecture, Dietetics, Health Information Management, Nursing, Fashion, Louisiana Center for Health Informatics.

Business Studies

Courses include:

Accounting, Business Law, Business Systems, Analysis, and Technology;, CMCN 301, CMCN 320, CMCN 330, CMCN 414, Computer Science, DSGN 310, Economics, ENGL 357, Finance, GEOG 322, Health Services Administration, HIST 361, Hospitality Management, Informatics, Insurance, Management, Marketing, MLSC 101, MLSC 301, MLSC 302, Organizational Leadership, PLRM, 310, PLRM 375, PLRM 376, PLRM 475, PSYC 310, Quantitative Methods, or courses transferred from: Health Information Management, Louisiana Center for Health Informatics.


Courses include:

Communication, English, History, Honors, Humanities, MGMT 300, Modern Languages, Organizational Leadership, Philosophy, SOCI 480

Learn more by exploring the University catalog.

State Authorization

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is not authorized to offer this online program in all states. Check to see if this program is offered in your state here.