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Course Descriptions

The online Health Promotion and Wellness program includes professional courses which meet the eligibility requirements for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) national exam and health courses that support the curriculum.

Professional Courses

HLTH 110 Introduction to Health Promotion and Wellness (2 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Core concepts, responsibilities, and competencies for the health promotion specialist.

HLTH 214 Principles and Foundation of HPW (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Introduction to the health promotion profession including roles and responsibilities, ethics, settings, literature, and future trends. Emphasis on history and contemporary developments, philosophical foundations, health behavior theories, and planning models.

HLTH 314 Health Promotion Theory and Planning Models (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Concepts of theories, planning models, assessments, evaluation, and research that meet required competencies for the health promotion specialists. Prereq: HLTH 214.

HLTH 335 Clinical Experience in Health Promotion and Wellness (3 credits)
Experience working with administrators/supervisors, coworkers, and clients or consumers in health agencies organizing workshops, programs, events, and classes pertaining to health promotion. Prereq: HLTH 214, 314.

HLTH 440 Health Promotion Program Planning (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Systematic investigation of health promotion programs including assessment, implementation, and evaluation.  Prereq: HLTH 314, 335.

HLTH 499 Internship in Health Promotion and Wellness (3-9 credits)
Experience in community health agencies, hospital wellness, and or corporate wellness settings. Prereq: HLTH 335, 440.

Health Courses

HLTH 100 First Aid (1 credit), ULearn Certified Course

HLTH 101 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Basic Life Support, 1 credit, ULearn Certified Course

HLTH 218 Drugs and Society (3 credits) ULearn Certified Course
Depicts the historical, social, physiological, and legal aspects of drugs in our society.

HLTH 312 Wellness (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Physical, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational and intellectual health including lifestyle changes to enhance awareness.

HLTH 320 Environmental Health (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Discusses environmental health issues, implications for human health, and personal responsibility for protecting the environment.

HLTH 405 Nutrition for Fitness and Sports (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Nutritional requirement and physiological development for fitness and sports. Specific interactions, metabolism, proper diets, supplementation, energy, body composition and electrolyte balance. Prereq: DIET 200. Restr: KNES majors or permission of instructor required.

HLTH 410 World Health Issues (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Explore, analyze, and evaluate global health issues and health care. Prereq: HLTH 312.

HLTH 411 Women's Health (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Physiological and sociocultural health issues in a global context.

HLTH 412 Human Sexuality (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Topics specific to the physiological, emotional, and social components of human sexuality. Emphasis on development of healthy sexuality and human wellness in contemporary society.

HLTH 451 Stress and Stress Management (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Analysis of causative and psycho-social stresses, intervening physiological mechanism, and prevention and control. Prereq: HLTH 312

HLTH 452 Epidemiology (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
History, distribution and patterns of diseases, causes, disease outbreaks, disease surveillance and influences in different populations. Study designs, statistical data, interpretation and dissemination of results.. Prereq: STAT 214. Restr: if prerequisite not met, permission of instructor required.

HLTH 459 Health and Aging (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
Health issues as related to the aging process. Emphasis upon wellness in old age; examining the physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

HLTH 460 Organization Funding Strategies (3 credits), ULearn Certified Course
History, theory, and process of fundraising, including grant and proposal writing, community development, public relations skills, and social media. Prereq: HLTH 335. Restr: if prerequisite not met, permission of instructor required.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is not authorized to offer this online program in all states.  Check to see if this program is offered in your state here.