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Health Promotion & Wellness

Health Promotion and Wellness students can be advised online or face to face.  Typically, this involves:
  1. Contacting your advisor via email to be advised online or scheduling a face to face meeting.
  2. Having a list of course needs and questions ready for your advisor.
  3. Having a plan for future semesters.
New students
If you have been accepted into the the Health Promotion & Wellness program and would like to register for classes, you'll need to contact your advisor to be advised each semester.  You can find your assigned advisor on the Students tab in ULink or have an advisor assigned to you. 
New students being advised for the first time will have to complete the Free Online Student Orientation Course and obtain an Orientation Certificate of Completion before scheduling an advising appointment.
If you need to have an advisor assigned to you, contact the Kinesiology department.
Phone:  (337) 482-6615
Continuing Students
Students must meet all of the following requirements for their current Academic Catalog prior to admission into the program and prior to scheduling any 400 level upper division courses in KNES.
Some colleges require upper division status for 300 level courses.
  • Completion of all freshman courses listed in the curriculum of the student's major.
  • Completion of  "C" or better in ENGL 101 and ENGL 102.
  • Students applying for admission to the program are required to have an adjusted GPA of 2.0 or higher, AND
  • A 2.5 adjusted GPA or higher and grade of "C" or better in all HLTH, KNES, and RCEA courses in major area.
  • Curriculum checklist sheet signed by both the student's advisor and KNES department chair and submitted to the College of Education Office of Student Services.