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Once you've applied and are notified of your acceptance to the University's online programs, you'll be connected with an advisor. You should make an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible to chart your path to completion.

Follow these steps, as set out by the Registrar's Office:

  1. Meet with your Advisor.
  2. Plan your Schedule.
  3. Check for Prerequisites and Co-requisites.
  4. Check your Registration Status and Appointment Time.
  5. Register for Class.
  6. Double-Check your Schedule is Correct.
  7. Pay your Bill.

Online students are required to register for courses labeled "Online" in the Schedule of Classes. Students advised to enroll in a Standard (on-campus) or Hybrid course must request approval by submitting an online waiver form. Once this form is submitted, students will be notified by email whether their request is approved upon department review. 

Note: Students who receive approval to enroll in a Standard or Hybrid course will have a Campus Connection Plan ($100 per semester) added to their Statement of Account. Students must pay for the plan to maintain their course schedule. The plan covers all courses for the semester in which it's purchased.

Enrollment is not complete until payment for tuition and fees has been completed by the payment deadline.

Log in to ULink to complete your registration.