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Campus Course Waiver Request

Online students have the benefit of lower cost tuition than on-campus students. As such, there are some limitations to some on-campus services and features.

In order to remain enrolled in a Standard or Hybrid course, online students must obtain approval. To request approval, please complete the form below. Students registered for a Standard or Hybrid course that do not obtain approval will be removed from the course. You’ll be notified by email as soon as possible regarding your waiver request.

Please note: Online students who receive approval will have a $100 Campus Connection Plan added to their statement of account for each semester they enroll in a Standard or Hybrid course. 

Campus Course Waiver FAQs

Q: “I registered for a Hybrid class. I thought that was considered online.”
A: Online courses are taught 100% online. Students enrolled in online degree programs must enroll in these courses. Hybrid courses require students to attend on campus at least part of the time. 

Q: “What if I changed my major to on-campus?”
A: On-campus students can enroll in Standard, Online, or Hybrid courses. Ensure your desired major is reflected in your Student Profile in ULink. Review information on changing your major here.

Q: “Which class can I take instead?” 
A: Review how to find online courses in the schedule and check in with your advisor to identify a suitable replacement. 

Q. “Why can’t I take on-campus courses?”  
A. The University implemented reduced, flat-rate tuition for online students in 2020. In doing so, policies for the courses online students can take shifted to exclusively 100% online. 

Q. “What will happen if I fill out the form? Will it be approved?”  
A: Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You’ll be notified by email regarding your request.

Q.  “What do I need to put in the form?”
A. Provide as much information as possible as to why the on-campus course is necessary for your degree progression. Answer each required field, paying special attention to the semester for which you’re requesting an exemption.