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ProctorU allows students to take exams from any comfortable location using a three-step process to replicate face-to-face exams.

Technical Support

Contact technical support if you encounter a problem before or during an exam.  Phone calls should be followed up by an email (copying your instructor) that has your instructor's name, course name, detailed description of the problem, and attempts made to resolve the problem.  

Phone:  855-772-8678


Live Chat


Proctored exam fees vary depending on the level of authentication and proctoring options your instructor chooses. Set up time usually takes about 10 minutes and is not included in the hourly charges.

Per Exam: $15-$30

*Late Reservations: 24 to 72 hours before desired appointment is an additional $5/hour; less than 24 hours before desired appointment, including "Take It Now" on-demand scheduling, is an additional $8.75/hour.

Cancellation or Time Changes: (less than 2 hours) no refund

*Late reservations and Take It Now are subject to availability.  

How It Works

Watch this video on what to expect as a test taker.

Learn about how ProctorU works, what to expect, and technical requirements by reviewing the ProctorU Student Recourse Center:

You will also want to ensure your device meets ProctorU's minimum Equipment Requirements.

Create/Access Your ProctorU Account

Access ProctorU through the ProctorU link in your Moodle course.

If you have never accessed ProctorU through Moodle before, you will need to indicate that you don't already have a ProctorU account. You will then be prompted to create one. Don't change any of the pre-populated information, such as your name and University email address, but fill in all other required fields before submitting.

After you create your account, clicking the ProctorU link in your Moodle course will take you to your ProctorU dashboard where you can schedule proctoring appointments, or connect to a proctor for a previously scheduled appointment.

Getting Prepared for Proctoring

After you create your ProctorU account, you'll need to download the Guardian Brower from Meazure Learning. Review this article for more information on how to prepare as you schedule your exam. 

Getting Proctored

Scheduling Your Appointment

Before you can take a proctored exam, you must set up a proctoring appointment with ProctorU. We strongly encourage you to schedule your exam appointment at least a week before the day when you actually plan to take your exam — the earlier the better.

To schedule an appointment, click the ProctorU link in your Moodle course to be taken to your ProctorU dashboard. Then follow the instructions in this article.

Taking Your Exam

Make sure that you, your environment, and your device are ready for the exam at least 30 minutes before your appointement. You'll want to make sure that you are in a secure location where you will not be interrupted. 

Once everything is ready, click the ProctorU link in your Moodle course to be taken to your ProctorU Dashboard and select the option to take your exam.

Please review this article for a step by step explanation of the process of connecting with your proctor and beginning your exam.

Still have questions? Check out the ProctorU Test-Taker FAQ.