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Zoom Resources & Troubleshooting

Zoom is a web conference tool that instructors may use to hold real-time meetings and classes. 

You can access Zoom from your web browser, desktop application, or mobile app

Getting Started 

Learn more by visiting the Zoom FAQ, which has several short tutorial videos and instructional articles for using Zoom. Zoom also provides several accessibility features available for students. 


  • Keep your camera on.
  • Mute your mic to reduce lag and sound feedback.
  • Treat Zoom meetings as you would any class.
    • Come prepared to take notes and engage when appropriate.
    • Treat others with respect. 
    • Dress appropriately.  

Visit our blog for more on What to do — and not to do — in your Zoom Class.


Update to the latest Zoom version. Many common Zoom issues can be solved by simply downloading the latest version.

Zoom link not working

  • Communicate with your instructor. The instructor set up the Zoom link and can usually solve this issue.  
  • If the instructor cannot solve the problem, they can contact Instructional Support at to give us permission to access their course.

Audio/Video Issues

Choppy, distorted or frozen stream

  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.  When your microphone is on, Zoom will devote part of your Internet connection to an audio stream, even if you are not speaking.
  • Close other applications.
  • Leave and rejoin the meeting.

Accessing Zoom Recordings 

If your instructor has recorded and shared your Zoom meeting, you can access the recording by either:

  • Clicking on the URL the instructor shared.
  • Going to your Moodle Course page and selecting the Zoom meeting link. Once inside the Zoom interface, find the cloud recordings tab at the top and find the appropriate recording to view.  

Screenshot:  find the cloud recordings tab at the top and find the appropriate recording to view.

Need additional support? Zoom offers several tutorials along with 24/7 support.